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SNIPERS. A GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY. Two dead bodies. Retirement has never been so interesting.

“They were talking about snipers going into cities and shutting them down.”

“What cities?”

“American cities.”

NOT LONG AFTER HIS move into the Spring Village retirement community, former covert operative Ken Frazier gets an unexpected visit. His good friend and former colleague, George Larsen, shows up looking harrowed and spouting outrageous stories about a clandestine meeting, an impending sniper attack, and a woman who was just killed. And he says the US government is behind it! It all sounds impossible, but when George is found murdered the very next day, Ken knows he has to act. He confides in two members of his old team. They want to help him just like they used to. But, what can three old men with failing hearts and bad knees do about it? Painfully aware of their physical limitations, they resolve to embark on one more mission. They desperately need a younger person to be able to execute the plans they develop. Who will they recruit, and is it even possible? They are among the finest minds in the covert world–they just need a little help.  


Two Harbors Press - June 1, 2015 -- Exciting news for our Two Harbors Press author J.T. Prescott. His book "Arts and Crafts: A Thriller" was recognized in three categories in the 2015 Indie Next Generation Books Awards!
  1. WINNER for Action/Adventure
  2. FINALIST for Best First Novel
  3. FINALIST for Best Cover Design Fiction
Congratulations J.T.!
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Crimespree magazine online profiles selected "Author Work-Spaces". I was delighted when they asked me to share mine. http://crimespreemag.com/work-spaces-prescott/

Conversations Book Club President and media personality Cyrus Webb is excited to release his picks for Top 50 Fiction Books of 2014. Among the Top 50 picks is Arts and Crafts, a Thriller, by J.T. Prescott.


“Ken Frazier was a depressed, widowed retiree until he received a phone call from an old friend and former colleague. The call spins Ken’s life into a whirlwind of dangerous intrigue. The friend, CIA logistics administrator George Larson, had been told of a secret meeting overheard by a facility employee. The men were planning to send foreign snipers to American cities in order to create a national crisis. George explains that congressmen and senators were possibly involved, so he couldn’t trust going through normal channels. Before long, George and his informant are dead."

"Recently reconnected with two other retirees he worked with during his time as a CIA operative, the three of them realize it is up to them to investigate the situation and to prevent the assault on America."

"Even though there are many characters to keep track of, this story roars forward with plenty of action and intrigue. Relevant to today’s political reality, this stunning story should come with a warning: you won’t want to put it down until the final word."
-- Fran Byram, Portland Book Review

“Arts and Crafts is a book of intrigue and yet it is also a human interest story…Most of all, this is just a fun read and one which both the younger and older generations can follow with a sense of humor and background cheering. A very well thought out plot."––
 Karen Pirnot, Readers’ Favorite

 “This is a fast-paced adventure, filled with conspiracy and murder, as Frazier’s experience and instincts kick in and he recruits the help of two members of his former team. Together they band together for one last desperate mission.”–– Alan Caruba, Bookviews

“When the truth is revealed and the betrayals come to light the author provides an ending that will shock readers, have some really great twists and surprises and put him up there with some of the best mystery/thriller writers. Characters that are believable, vividly described and a plot that will keep you glued to the printed page and hoping for a sequel.” ––Fran Lewis, Blogger at Just Reviews